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At G.A.M. Movers and Packers, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional moving services, and our clients’ feedback speaks volumes about their satisfaction. From efficient packing to stress-free moves, our team is committed to exceeding expectations. Join the ranks of those who have experienced hassle-free relocations with G.A.M. Movers and Packers.

I would hire them again and again. G.A.M. Movers are great and will get the job done, efficiently and effectively. I moved to Houston and my moving experience was horrendous. The movers didn’t label any of the boxes. Many of the boxes were left open, untaped, and then lackadaisically loaded onto a dirty truck for transport. With less than 24 hours’ notice, I called G.A.M. to help unload the truck. I spoke with the owner (I think) told him the move was a mess and asked for a quote. He promised his guys would take care of me. They arrived on time. First, I warned the guys it was a mess and more than likely I would have to identify many of the boxes as they were taken into the house because they were not labeled. You would think, for movers paid by the hour, that would slow them down right…UMMM WRONG! They still got a FULL 26-foot truck unloaded in less than 2 hours; the job was done at least 15-20 minutes beneath the quoted time, btw: in a 2-Story Home!!!! The foreman for the job was so knowledgeable. Anytime the guys had trouble lifting something he showed them proper technique and when they took furniture upstairs, not only did he show them how to do it, but I could hear him saying over and over again, “don’t scratch the walls”! Not one wall was scratched! In the end, with time to spare; I asked them to please bring a sofa downstairs we were no longer using…no problem! These are the guys and this is the company you want to hire for your large or small move, I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

– Melanie Jones
September 15, 2022

Efficient, Quick and Responsive ?? very pleased

– Rida Williams
September 15, 2022

This company really was awesome…we had great communication. They guys were very friendly and professional. They also gave feedback to my bad ideas. Ten Stars

– Sabria Wells
September 15, 2022

This company helped me out on extremely short notice after another company never showed up. The movers were so professional, friendly, and positive. They made a very stressful situation much more pleasant. And the price can’t be beat. I will recommend this company to anyone who needs a mover. Thank you so, so much!

– Amini Mashaka Msisi
July 24, 2022

Awesome job moving my belongings i appreciate you guys for taking care of such a stressful situation

– Destiny
March 22, 2022

Excellent move a couple of days ago. No nicks or scratches, very reasonable price compared to competitors. They were great.

– Kevin Jay Lewis
December 1, 2021

These guys came within 2 hours of my request to move! They were easy to work with, careful with our things, fair price and great attitude! I highly recommend their services! 

– Kim Joseph
February 5, 2021

G.A.M Movers & Packers are amazing I had to leave a yelp review too! I tell all my neighbors if they need a job done. Call G.A.M efficient yet careful and arrives on time.

– Stefanie
October 24, 2020

We received a wonderful service… They got to the job site 15 minutes before time. They worked hard tirelessly and finished the job in 2 hours. I will definitely hire them again

– Augustine Bright
February 25, 2020

The best moving service I have received thus far. Respectful and careful moving crew.YOU SHOULD HIRE THEM.

February 17, 2020

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