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Professional Packing Services


Who wants to deal with the stress and chaos of packing? NO ONE! So let us take care of it for you.

We provide PACKING MATERIALS & PROFESSIONAL TRAINED PACKERS for your project. Not only do we pack everything (entire house, apartment, business location/office, or warehouse/storage unit), we can also unpack everything as well.

When it comes to packing, everything is personalized for you. So whether you want us to pack everything or maybe just the kitchen, a room, garage, or closet bathrooms etc…IT’S COMPLETELY UP TO YOU!

When using G.A.M. MOVERS AND PACKERS, you will get professionally trained packing professionals to carefully pack your belongings. Customers are free to provide their own packing materials, and we provide the labor to pack their belongings.

It’s our promise to you that every item we pack in our packing materials (as long as IT’S MOVED BY US) will arrive at its destination the same way we found it at the pick-up location.

We provide a variety of packing materials but here are just a few of the most requested or used for packing materials for most packing jobs we do.


Wardrobe Boxes - $30 each

Wardrobe cartons are moving boxes designed for saving time and effort when packing and transporting your clothes. Using a wardrobe box is the closest thing to bringing your closet with you.Wardrobe cartons include a metal bar which is used as a clothes rail. When packing, simply move your clothes from the rail in your closet to the one in your wardrobe box. Shoes and non-hanging clothes such as underwear can be folded and stored at the buttom in the same box for maximum use of space.


Large boxes (4.5 Cu. Ft) - $3.50 each

Large boxes in either tall or long, are a great choice for shipping or storing household items such as large kitchen dishes and appliances,lamp shades, stereo speakers, comforters, blankets, clothes, stuffed animal pillows, or any large yet lighter items. These boxes are big, so remember to minimize the weight for easier lifting.   Size: Tall- 18x18x24h, 32 ECT. and Long- 24x18x18h,.


Medium boxes (3.0 Cu. Ft.) - $3 each

Medium boxes are the ideal boxes for moving clothes, platters, bulky items, also great for storing large household items such as collectibles, holiday ornaments, table lamps, and electronic equipment. 3.0 Cubic Foot, Size: 18x18x16h,.Our medium cartons are ideal for fragile items. They are sturdy boxes that are easy to handle and, because they have been manufactured from high quality corrugated cardboard, you can trust them to protect your items during transit.


Small boxes (1.5 Cu. Ft) - $2.50 each

Small boxes are convenient for packing books, CDs, tools, and small appliances. These cartons are the most requested for any household move, noted as the best way to ensure an efficient “unpack” at your new location. 1.5 Cubic Foot, Size: 16x12x12h, Edge Crush Test (ECT) rating of 32, making them suitable for carrying up to 40 pounds of weight. Same as the medium boxes above,our small cartons are also ideal for small fragile items. These small but sturdy boxes are easy to handle and, because they have been manufactured from high quality corrugated cardboard, you can trust them to protect your items during transit.


Dish Pack Boxes (5.1 Cu. Ft.) - $10 each

Dish pack boxes are designed to protect dishes, glasses, china, and flatware. Made from extra heavy duty 275# test corrugated. 5.1 Cubic Foot, Size: 18x18x28h. Due to the extra durability of these boxes, we can pack some heavy pots and pans, heavy kitchen appliances and much more.

They are sturdy boxes easily stackable and do not bend or squish easily. Most customers only need a handful and most purchase these and use them multiple times over the years.They cost a bit more than the other boxes. 


Moving Pads/Blankets (72" x 80") - $20 new, $10 used each

We provide moving pads for your furniture  and other large fragile items to prevent any scratches, scuffs, dirt  and damage. used by all our professional movers in all our trucks Moving pads come standard for local moves. Provides strong and lasting protection. Constructed from high count wove, strong polyester and 1″ zig-zag lock-stitched quilting. Double stitched binding on all 4 sides and secured with square corners. Customers use them for storage of their furniture,helping keep furniture mirrors and paintings in pristine condition for many years to come. moving across states and need help packing and loading personal trucks (uhaul, budget, penseke trucks), you are able to request these pads with your service for an extra fee they are your to keep.


Bubble Wrap - $30 each roll

We offer bubble wrap in a variety of sizes large or small bubbles depending on the items to be wrapped. Typically for all our kitchen dishware china and small ornaments, we tend to use more of the small bubble wrap rolls. very effective and can be used to wrap a lot of things without hurting customer’s pockets. large bubble wrap rolls we use on large pictures tvs computer screens sculptures and other relatively large pieces. Bubble Roll protects valuable and precious items. all rolls are perforated every 12″ for easy tearing. 

  • 12″ Wide Rolls with 3/16″ Bubble Size
  • 24″ Wide rolls with 1/2″ bubble size

Wraping/Packing Paper - $30 each roll

Newsprint is a clean newspaper, used to wrap mostly anything from kitchen items,dishes, glassware,cups and mugs to an array of fragile items to protect during packing and moving/shipping. Approximately 24″ x 36″ sheets sold by the pound, available in 10 lb., 25 lb,. 30 lb.,and 50lb bundles.


Mattress Bags and Sofa Bags

We offer mattress bags and sofa bags for all sizes to prevent liquids, dirt and bugs from getting into your mattresses and sofas. we also can fully wrap your sofa to ensure its safely and neatly sealed during the move

  • Mattress Bags are 2 mil poly, individually wrapped
  • King Mattress Bag – 76″ x 14″ x 103″ – $15 each
  • Queen Mattress Bag – 60″ x 14″ x 100″ – $10 each
  • Full Mattress Bag – 54″ x 14″ x 98″ – $6 each
  • Twin Mattress Bag – 40″ x 14″ x 98″ – $6 each

Shrink Wrap and Tape - $6 each roll

We offer shrink or stretch wrap to wrap over all your furniture and ensure they stay clean and dont get wet or scratched up during the move. we ensure we bring a roll for each move we do. There’s no move without shrink wrap, MAKES THE JOB EASIER as far as helping keep all drawers sealed and tight and helps seal moving pads together with the furniture before moving into the truck. This gives the customer peace of mind knowing everything is wrapped and safe for moving.


Crate Rentals - Contact for pricing

Customers can request to rent crates for their own packing/moving job instead of boxes and Never lift a full box again. Just like packing a box or totes but better since they are made of hard to break plastic and can stack up and latch on top of each other easily and can withhold more weight than a regular box would.

Crates can be easily stacked 4 high when packing and moving— and then effortlessly rolled around small spaces, tight cubicles and corners. This provides 900 lbs capacity of unmatched strength & durability, while reducing risk to walls or property.The unique ergonomic handle makes carrying comfortable. While the attached, interlocking lid and tight fit ensures you will never lose your valuable contents.

Crates are environmentally friendly and allow you to avoid cardboard waste. Crates are ruggedly durable and can easily withstand multiple, rigorous uses with a custom-molded, anti-skid lid and traction bottom surface to help to prevent slippage. Greatly used for homes, apartments, commercial movers, healthcare, government university, library, entertainment.

We can deliver the crates and pick them upon unpacking as well.


Additional Packing Materials

  • $8 each small picture box
  • $12 each large picture box
  • $10 each lamp box
  • $45 for each 32inch – 65inch Tv box
  • $55 for each 65 inch- 75 inch tv box

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You have the ability to use our packing services for small jobs. Whether you just need our packers to pack the kitchen or a closet – you decide when the clock stops. Our professional packers can help UNPACK your belongings and organize each room for you! Want your closet

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