July 3, 2023

5 Must-Know Packing Hacks for an Efficient Residential Move

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Moving is an opportunity for new beginnings and to embark on an exciting chapter of your life. And we believe that the process of getting there should be just as thrilling as the destination itself. At G.A.M. Movers and Packers, we’re not just passionate about sharing packing hacks; we’re dedicated to making your entire residential move a delightful experience. We are your local residential movers in Houston.

The endless piles of belongings, the challenge of fitting everything into boxes, and the nagging worry of items getting damaged during transit can quickly turn a thrilling adventure into a stressful ordeal. But fear not! That’s why we’ve curated a collection of must-know packing hacks that will make you feel like a pro, saving you time, space, and, most importantly, your sanity.

1. Roll It Up

When it comes to packing clothes, ditch the traditional folding method. Instead, roll your garments to save space and prevent wrinkles. This hack maximizes your suitcase or moving boxes’ capacity and makes unpacking a breeze. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your Tetris skills!

2. Double-duty with Soft Items

Utilize your soft items to their full potential. Wrap fragile items like dishes, glassware, and picture frames in soft clothing, towels, or blankets. Not only does this save space, but it also provides an extra layer of protection for delicate items during transit. It’s like giving your belongings a cozy hug!

3. Ziploc Magic

Say goodbye to tangled cords and missing screws! Before disconnecting electronic devices, place the cords, cables, and small parts in labeled Ziploc bags. Not only will this keep everything organized, but it will also make the setup process at your new home a breeze. No more hunting down missing pieces or untangling a web of cords!

4. Colorful Magic

Amid the chaos, color coding can be your savior. Assign each room a specific color and label your boxes accordingly. Use colored duct tape, stickers, or markers to make the labeling process fun and efficient. This hack saves time when unloading and ensures that each box ends up in its designated room. Get ready for an organized and seamless unpacking process!

5. Essentials Box

Don’t you hate rummaging through countless boxes to find your toothbrush or a clean pair of socks? Create an essentials box containing all the necessary items for the first few days in your new home. Think toiletries, a change of clothes, bedding, and some snacks. Keep this box easily accessible, and you’ll thank yourself later when you’re settled in without the stress of digging through boxes.


Well, there you have it, folks—five must-know packing hacks to ease your residential move. But wait, there’s more! At G.A.M. Movers and Packers, we’re not just about the packing hacks; we’re here to make your entire move a breeze. Our team of professional residential movers is ready to handle every aspect of your relocation, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading. So why stress and struggle when you can leave it all to the pros? Contact us today, and let us take the weight off your shoulders.

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July 3, 2023


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